Dragons Global Education Fund

a non-profit 501(c)3 initiative of the COMMON Foundation

Dragons Global Education Fund

We believe everyone should have access to a global education.

The Dragons Global Education Fund, a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity of the COMMON Foundation, provides needs-based scholarships to attend Where There Be Dragons programs, making it possible for individuals who would otherwise not have access.

Where There Be Dragons will match the total donations raised, up to $150,000, in discounted tuitions for students receiving scholarships each year.


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To donate by wire, please contact Matthew King at the COMMON Foundation (King@OurCommonFoundation.org).

Increase your gift to the Dragons Global Education Fund—and your tax deduction—with one simple strategy: Make a bigger impact by donating long-term appreciated securities, including stock, bonds, and mutual funds, directly to the Dragons Global Education Fund.

Compared with donating cash, or selling your appreciated securities and contributing the after-tax proceeds, you may be able to automatically increase your gift and your tax deduction. Speak with your tax adviser about the benefits of donating securities and then get in touch with us and we’ll do the rest.

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Other Initiatives

Thanks to the generosity of previous donors, Dragons is pleased to offer a scholarship for public school classroom teachers serving underrepresented communities. Click here for full details:
2019 García-Meza Scholarship for Certified School Teachers


Both students and parents have shared their stories describing the immense value of the Dragons Global Education Fund:

“Without having received a Dragon’s scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to experience the majestic views and immerse myself in the Bolivian culture that was so new to me. I think the Dragons Global Education Fund is a necessary step toward ensuring more kids will be able to take a Dragons trip and experience a new way of traveling, one that makes you think critically about the surrounding world and one that encourages discomfort and values learning and relationships more than anything.”
-Ivan, Dragons Alumni

“Diversity is a principle on which Dragons was founded, so it also should be reflected in the students who go on course. Traveling to far places to gain perspective is a learning experience not only through the host countries but very much within the group of students themselves. Having more diversity will greatly expand the potential for collective and individual growth for students and provide new perspectives during and after course. Programs should not be limited to only an elite group of people who have the privilege to afford it. I hope that the Dragons Global Education Fund can expand Dragons programs and continue to fulfill their mission of inclusivity and diversity for years to come.”
-Abby, Dragons Alumni

“As a Dragon’s parent, you have no doubt shared the same experiences as I have, watching the eyes and minds of your child open to the wonders of the world through authentic cultural exchange. Years later, we are still reminded of the value (and values) that their travel with Dragons provided our daughters. That’s why I’m pleased to let you know about a program that is allowing children that may not otherwise have the opportunity to share in such an experience to do so.”
-Scott Coe, Dragons Parent

Learn More

To learn more about the Dragons Global Education Fund, please contact Matthew King at the COMMON Foundation (King@OurCommonFoundation.org).

If you’d like to learn more about the COMMON Foundation and how to establish a scholarship in your family’s name, please contact Dr. Matthew King, President/Chairman.

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